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About Us

Out of the top ten highest mountains in the world, more than half sit in Nepal. Nepal has the most unique biodiversity that is very rare in the whole planet. The reason why Nepal is home to some of the rarest medicinal plants in the world. One of those rare herbs (or pseudo-herb) found in Nepal is Shilajit. Since more than 50% of Nepal’s landmass is occupied by mountains, maybe Nepal is the only country in the world where most shilajit is found. Because of the altitudes, environmental purity, extreme climatic variation, and biodiversity, raw shilajit found in Nepal is not only unique but also superior to those found anywhere else.

Mountain Shilajit is a brand promoted and owned by Authentic Foods and Herbs Pvt. Ltd., a company registered in Nepal and run by a team of young professionals experienced in the field of natural indigenous and endemic Nepalese wild products for over 7 years. We started primarily by focusing on purifying raw shilajit rocks. We only supply sustainably sourced and artisanally purified premium shilajit resin. We are also engaged in procurement, processing, and promotion of some of the highest quality of natural foods and herbal products found indigenously in Nepal.

Why are we different?

  • We export shilajit resin purified in our own facility. All other companies currently exporting shilajit products from Nepal are middle-men who buy from different local traditional purifiers.
  • Our shilajit purifying facility is designed specifically to purify shilajit rocks as per the Ayurvedic method of Surya-Tapi (sun-drying). All traditional shilajit purifiers boil shilajit to extract resin which is not an ideal process that degrades the essence and potency of shilajit.
  • We try our best to cut down as many middle-men as possible throughout the supply chain of the shilajit industry so that we can deliver premium-grade Nepalese shilajit resin to global customers at a very affordable price.
  • We try our best to source raw materials directly from the rural communities in an environmentally sustainable manner so that villagers are benefited from additional income generation.
  • Be it shilajit resin or any other natural products, our aim is not only to provide authentic products but to provide the highest quality among the authentic ones.